For Brides

To all the giddy brides out there! I’m sure that as you’ve been planning, you’ve seen beautiful detail photos from other wedding days. I love taking the time to photograph these seemingly small elements of your day that ultimately help tell the fully story of your wedding and legacy. While it doesn’t take much planning […]

Jan 11, 2019


Last week I posted a blog on engagement session tips, and this week we’re transitioning to bridals! Seriously the most fun reason to wear the gorgeous dress you just bought for one extra day. It’s a common joke that bridal sessions are a “southern thing,” but I think they provide the perfect opportunity to test […]

Dec 21, 2018


Continuing my Tips for Brides series – today’s post is focused on engagement sessions! Scheduling your engagement session is typically the next step after booking your wedding photographer. Plus, it’s definitely one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning – the perfect reason to dress up a little, snuggle your person and be intentional […]

Dec 11, 2018


Most of you may not know this, but I actually worked as a wedding planner & coordinator with a local company in Greenville when I first moved here 3.5 years ago! I worked there part time as I worked to grow my photography and accepted two second shooting roles that year as I began my […]

Dec 6, 2018


I’ve had a lot of conversations with brides recently about the decision to do (or not do) a first look on your wedding day, and decided to write up a little post on this common topic! I’ve honestly realized that it comes down to preferences – both emotionally and logistically. I would say it’s still […]

Oct 2, 2018


the list

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