Right after Christmas, I had a full day alone at home. It was the best and most perfectly timed gift, the day before my last wedding of the year. I sat on the back porch the entire day, got very quiet, broke out a blank poster-board and started dreaming for the new year. This is […]

Jan 2, 2020


I woke up this morning thinking, “There is nothing mundane about December.” That’s what I love so much about this month. The holidays infuse so much excitement into everything. Thanksgiving week left my heart so full, I’ve been soaking up the sudden explosion of fall colors, and started writing down my 2020 goals. Welcome, December! […]

Dec 2, 2019


Hey friends! Alright, let’s be real. I posted my March and April goals this year and then kinda fell off the wagon – whoops! March – August was especially crazy for me this year, but I’m starting it back with November! How are we here already? It is officially 60 degrees today and I’m absolutely […]

Nov 1, 2019


I’ve decided April is my new favorite month. Anyone else? This new season is just giving me so much life and refreshment that I didn’t know I needed. March was so full of so many good things (OTF, visiting the lowcountry, photographing 3 gorgeous weddings, getting new headshots taken) – and I’m looking forward to […]

Apr 5, 2019


And just like that, it’s March! I have no idea how that’s possible, but I’m rolling with it because it means wedding season is officially beginning! My calendar just went from catching up on business things to shooting weddings & sessions and I can’t wait to be back in the groove for the spring. If […]

Mar 5, 2019


the list

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