Bridal Session Tips

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Dec 21, 2018

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Last week I posted a blog on engagement session tips, and this week we’re transitioning to bridals! Seriously the most fun reason to wear the gorgeous dress you just bought for one extra day. It’s a common joke that bridal sessions are a “southern thing,” but I think they provide the perfect opportunity to test everything out to make sure it’s just right for the big day while capturing beautiful images of you in your dress in an unrushed, relaxed setting (a whole hour dedicated to this vs. just a few minutes on the wedding day!)

Timing: Once you have an estimate or exact date on when your dress alterations will be finished, you’ll have a better idea of when to schedule your session. I typically aim to schedule bridals about 4 weeks out so that we have time to order a bridal portrait and have it in for the wedding day!

Coordinate with Vendors: For your bridal session, you’ll want to coordinate with your hair, makeup and floral vendors. These are vendors that you typically have a “trial” with before the big day, which is why bridals are such a perfect addition to your photography package! It’s the perfect time to bring everything together and make sure it’s what you’ve envisioned for the big day. You’ll schedule a “practice run” with your HMU vendors regardless, so you might as well schedule it on the same day and get some gorgeous portraits taken!

Setting: Keep in mind the season and type of setting you want your photos taken in. Do you want to take them on a gorgeous plantation or venue, a college campus, somewhere by the water or an open field? Do you have any spots that are special or unique to you? Ask your photographer where some of their favorite spots are! Also keep in mind that lighting is typically best in the 2 hours before sunset, or 2 hours following sunrise, so those are the times we will aim to schedule!

What to bring: For your portraits, please bring your wedding jewelry, veil (if you have one) and shoes. You can choose to wear your wedding shoes to break them in, or you can wear comfortable flats/other shoes as we won’t be able to see them under your dress! I personally would wear comfy shoes to walk around in, through grass, etc. – if the weather is chilly, you can even wear lined boots to keep your feet warm! I also always have a plastic sheet with me to place under your dress if needed for wet or dirty ground. Lastly, bring your mom/family member/best friend along! This not only gives us another person to help out, but allows you to make memories and include them in a fun part of the planning process.