Choosing your Wedding Venue

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Jan 31, 2019

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When it comes to planning, your wedding venue is typically the first thing checked off the list – and for good reason! This is where everything else comes together – all of your vendors, family and friends, to bring the vision for your best day to life. The setting for your getting ready space, outdoor portraits, ceremony & reception truly make all the difference when it comes to your wedding photos. Today’s blog is all about envisioning each part of your day as you decide on your wedding venue – tips I would love to have as a bride!

Getting Ready Space: Does the room have windows that bring in natural light, bright white or neutral colors on the walls, and a large space for you and your girls to get ready in? These details make up the recipe for your dream getting ready space! Whether your wedding prep takes place at your venue, a church or a separate location (hotel, airbnb, etc.), remember to keep these factors in mind. If there’s not a separate room for you to get dressed privately, or if the room is a little dark, we may step outside to take photos of your dress being zipped in beautiful natural light – a simple solution for bright photos! (insert heart eyes here)

Ceremony: Will your ceremony be outdoors or indoors? If indoors, try to choose a location or church that has large windows and lets in plenty of light. If outdoors, aim for an area with plenty of shade and maybe even something to frame the spot, such as a big oak tree. Visit your ceremony location at the time you’re planning for it to start and see how the lighting looks at that time of day to help give you an idea – we can even check it out together! Overall, the more natural light (indoors or outdoors), the better.

Portraits: When choosing your venues (getting ready, ceremony and reception locations), it’s important to think about where we might be taking portraits and the setting/feel that surrounds the location. Is it a beautiful white church or country club, does it have a garden or field, beach or spanish moss and grand oaks? If there’s not much shade or pretty scenery surrounding the location, we can also choose a different location just for your portraits – you’ll be so glad you did! For example,

As long as we have good weather, we’ll plan to do all of your portraits outdoors for the best possible lighting – bridal party, bride & groom, as well as immediate and extended family. Just because you get married in a church doesn’t mean you have to do your family photos inside a dark room or at the altar (remember, this is YOUR day!) Trust your photographer – they know how what setting and lighting will ultimately look best for these priceless images with the people who mean the most to you!

Reception: Will your reception be outdoors or indoors, or a mix of both? If indoor, try to choose a venue that has white ceilings vs. brick or wood. If outdoors or under a tent, your photographer will probably squeal with joy!
Pro Tip: If your reception is being held outdoors, plan with your photographer to be introduced before the sun goes down so that your first dances can be photographed in natural light. This doesn’t always happen, but when it does, it’s just the best!

The most important tip is to trust your photographer – as long as they are well-experienced, they can work in any type of lighting situation and will know how to serve you best on your day and provide images that you and your man will cherish forever!