How to Make your Wedding “You”

For Brides

Feb 28, 2019

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Brides – today’s blog post is all about small ways to make your wedding “you!” These are some examples of fun things I’ve seen in the industry along with a friendly reminder that you don’t have to include something in your timeline just because everyone else does, or because it’s considered “tradition.” The whole point of the day is that it’s yours and a celebration of the two of you becoming one, so let’s make sure it reflects just that!

Have your florist create a big, fun bouquet that showcases your style/personality! Of all the details on your wedding day, I feel like this one is the most fun to showcase – plus, it will make an appearance in a lot of your beautiful wedding photos! Loose, organic & lively bouquets wrapped with ribbon like this one make my heart sing.

Ask your caterer to bring out a late night snack of you & your future spouse’s favorite food! This is such a fun way to incorporate something that speaks to you as a couple. As soon as your guests see the [donut wall/taco bar/s’mores/tiny chicken & waffles/coffee bar/fries], they’ll immediately recognize the significance! One of my couples last year had Chick-fil-A sandwiches passed out and it was a hit!

Are you & your person “dog people?” Have a neighbor or friend bring your dog over for a few minutes during your portraits for some photos with your sweet pup! I think this made Remi’s day just as much as Marissa & Carson!

Think about other details you can customize, such as calligraphy or a drawing of your venue on your invitations! Some other fun examples are signature cocktails, table linens with a fun print, a champagne tower, mismatched bridesmaid dresses (prints/solids that complement your palette), popping confetti with your girls, or renting a classic car for your getaway.

Create the environment you want for your getting ready space. Whether that’s a big space, 90’s throwback playlist and dance party with your girls, a cute coastal inn with a porch & a breeze, or a quiet, relaxed Airbnb for just you and a few people to get ready in before the day begins – think about what fits you and will start off the day in the best way!

One of my favorite parts of the day is always the ceremony. Whether it’s outside under a big oak, by the water, in front of an intricate floral arch, in a church or your venue, intentionally plan your ceremony so that it is the sweetest reflection of you two as a couple. Ask your pastor to share a favorite scripture or a dear friend to do a reading, incorporate your favorite song or a fun beat to walk back up the aisle to, or have your family and friends surround you to pray over your marriage. Truly some of the sweetest moments I’ve photographed are like this one, and they always point me back to my “why.”

Think about some fun things you can do during portraits with your bridal party, such as walking around your venue with your girls or a big group hug from your bridal party! One of my brides (shout out to KA!) asked me before the wedding day to have the groomsmen throw her groom up in the air during guys’ photos, and it was a complete & hilarious surprise for him!

Plan something sweet for your future spouse or ask your photographer to give you some extra time to read letters to each other. One of my grooms last year had lost his father, and my bride put together a video for him of all the important male figures in his life – with meaningful messages and advice for him. Just the thought of this gift wrecked me.

Most of all, know that you have the power to create your day and make it how you want it – whether that means doing all of your extended family photos at the rehearsal dinner so that you have more time on the wedding day (genius in my opinion!), omitting toasts or the introductions of your bridal party, choosing a completely separate portrait location, or simply taking a moment to eat alone with your new husband before joining your guests. Whatever sounds like it just fits you, that’s a good direction to head in!