How to Prepare your Wedding Details

For Brides

Jan 11, 2019

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To all the giddy brides out there! I’m sure that as you’ve been planning, you’ve seen beautiful detail photos from other wedding days. I love taking the time to photograph these seemingly small elements of your day that ultimately help tell the fully story of your wedding and legacy. While it doesn’t take much planning for these specific shots, here are a few tips for preparing your wedding details!

What to have prepared: The week before your wedding, gather two full sets of your invitation suite/rsvp card + envelopes, ceremony program, all 3 wedding bands, your jewelry and shoes. These things can be placed in a small box or bag all together, which makes it easy for me to grab when I arrive on your big day! Also feel free to include any sentimental items or family heirlooms, such as a handkerchief, a handwritten note or family bible – I just love details like this that hold so much value!

Color Palette: Let your photographer know ahead of time about your overall style and what colors, florals and other decor you’re incorporating into the day – that way, they can prepare and bring ribbons, trays, ring boxes and other small things that will elevate your detail photos

Your Dress: Let your photographer know where your dress is hanging in your getting ready space, and if you have had a custom hanger made. I always bring along this gold one from BLHDN to use if needed and love how timeless and beautiful it is!

Florals: Ask your florist if they would be willing to share any extra blooms with me on the day of for detail photos! Incorporating your florals is one way to bring a prominent detail of your day into these shots, and make everything look cohesive in your gallery