Tips to be stress-free on your wedding day

For Brides

Feb 7, 2019

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Happy Thursday, friends! This week’s “for brides” blog is all about how to be stress-free on your big day. The moments that make up a wedding day are truly so fleeting, and my biggest hope is that you can relax, take it all in and truly cherish every bit. Here’s 7 tips to remember as you plan!

  1. Before the wedding day even comes, and before you send out your invitations, talk with your photographer about your timeline and ask for advice on your ceremony time in order to make the most out of your wedding coverage. As a rule of thumb, it’s usually best to plan your ceremony about 2-3 hours before sunset – but this will also depend on factors such as the location or whether you’re planning on doing a first look.

2. Once you’ve figured out your finalized timeline with your photographer and planner, share it with your people! Make sure your bridal party and family members know where to be and when. This will also serve as a kind reminder of the importance of our schedule that day.

3. Do prepare for the weather, but don’t worry too much about it in the weeks leading up – forecasts are so finicky and are usually constantly changing, so no need to bring any unnecessary stress! If it’s going to be cold, have a friend bring a coat or blanket for you to have on standby and wear in between shots. If it’s going to be hot, have some tissues or a portable fan on hand – either way, know that I am going to be moving quickly and efficiently to get you and your girls back inside to rest before your ceremony!

4. If your ceremony is outside, ask your planner to have a tent on standby with your rental company in the case of bad weather. With most rental companies, you can make a final decision the morning of your wedding if you’re going to need it or not!

5. Communicate with your hair/makeup vendors – we will both do this! – to make sure they know what time to finish up so that you and your girls can get dressed. We will have your mom, or whoever you’d like to zip you into your dress, dressed first before those sweet getting ready photos, and once you get into your gown, the day will move along fairly quickly from there. Be sure to think through anything that needs to be done before you get dressed – payment for HMU, bags packed, and if your bridesmaids need to have their things removed from that room, we’ll plan to have them do so before getting dressed as well.

6. Have a large bridal party? Renting transportation – a bus or cute trolley – is the perfect way to keep everyone together, transfer for portraits and it also adds an extra fun part of the day with your friends while going from one place to the other!

7. Lastly, trust your photographer and just enjoy & soak up the day! All your planning is done, and you’re about to become husband and wife!! My heart can hardly handle the joy to come for you, friend!