January Goals (2020!)


Jan 2, 2020

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Right after Christmas, I had a full day alone at home. It was the best and most perfectly timed gift, the day before my last wedding of the year. I sat on the back porch the entire day, got very quiet, broke out a blank poster-board and started dreaming for the new year. This is something I do every year, but I didn’t know this day would come to me like it did, and it was exactly what I needed. Sometimes you just need some introvert time, right?

I just finished Love Does by Bob Goff and in one of the chapters he talks about God’s plan for our lives, and how even though we don’t have a written “plan” to follow, we can look at our loves, our passions, the people and places we’ve been drawn to, the hopes that have emerged within us, and what God wants us to be about – and that can give us a general direction. He says to look at what God has inspired uniquely in you and figure out what you’re going to do about it. This reminded me of the “what fires me up” page in Lara Casey’s Powersheets – after you’ve jotted down all the little things that make you come alive, it ends up being this little collage of all the passions and details that make up “you.” I just love that so much.

Here are a few goals on my list for this month!

  • Read When Less Becomes More (Emily Ley) and start Rhythms of Renewal (Rebekah Lyons)
  • Read 1 & 2 Corinthians
  • Orange Theory 2-3x/week, join transformation challenge
  • Photograph 2 weddings
  • Create new Welcome Guide for brides
  • Blog 5 sessions/weddings each week (will be caught up at the end of Feb – whew!)
  • Become familiar with Quickbooks Self-Employed and use Dave Ramsey’s cash envelope budget system
  • Do a fun shoot with my new 1V!
  • Make a list of people I’m grateful for and that helped me reach my goals last year, send thank you notes!
  • Take time off social media, schedule posts
  • Get quiet to get grounded in myself and my business; brainstorm ways to grow and improve