Julia & Thomas | Murrells Inlet Proposal

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Apr 27, 2020

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Thomas had this day worked out perfectly. I hid behind a bush on the side of the house as he walked with Julia out under the oak trees towards the marsh, which was nothing out of the ordinary for them – throwing a toy for Sully and enjoying great weather on a Saturday. Little did she know just how he had been planning every detail. Both of their families came out of the house to surprise and congratulate them, we took pictures around the property, which is also going to be their wedding venue (!), and Thomas took her to a favorite local restaurant where all of their friends were waiting to surprise her. Man did he get her good! I still can’t get over Sully running circles around them and looking like the happiest pup. What a treat to be a part of it all. Counting down until we’re all back here in October!