Meet my 2018 Intern, Mary Catherine!

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Apr 12, 2018

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Contax 645 / Scans: Indie Film Lab

Meet MC!

This sweet girl is my very first intern, and she’s already been the biggest blessing and answered prayer! MC has been working with me since the end of January for weddings, culling, editing and all the behind the scenes that comes with running a business. I can’t wait to tackle busy season with her by my side – and figured now was the perfect time to to do a fun little introduction for her on the blog! I’m so excited for you to meet her!

Mary Catherine is kind, joyful, genuine and always has a smile. She makes everything fun and is always willing to help and go above & beyond for me and my clients. MC is a senior at Anderson University, graduating in May and marrying her sweet man this June! All the fun things are happening over here, pumped to have this girl on my team!

Name: Mary Catherine Keith

Nicknames: MC, Mick, M-Cat, Mary C, MC squared, McDonalds, I can keep going…

Hometown: Irmo, SC

Three words to describe yourself: Believer, Writer, Happy!

Myers Briggs/Enneagram? I am an ENFJ (barely on the line of an extrovert… I love my alone time too!), and a 2 on the enneagram!

Describe your perfect day: I love a day that I can wake up slowly. My perfect day would start out sleeping in, making coffee, and journaling on the couch watching the sun come up. The rest of the day would be spent with my favorite people on a beach!

Coffee order at Starbucks? Blonde roast Vanilla Latte w an extra shot of espresso 😉

Favorite snack: ANYTHING salty. I can mindlessly eat goldfish. But, if I’m on a health kick, my go-to is strawberries

Favorite place you have ever visited: Costa Maya! A few years ago, my mom & I went on a cruise with some family friends, and we rode horses on the beach. You truly cannot beat that

Favorite movie: Harry Potter! Don’t laugh, the book series is on our wedding registry…

What are you passionate about? I am passionate about Jesus and getting to love people and home décor and Bernedoodles.

What do you love about photography? I loooove meeting new friends and getting to capture their personalities! I believe that people love their pictures because they loved the way they felt behind the camera, and I try to make their experience as fun and as comfortable as I can. My favorite thing is keeping up with couples long after I’ve shot with them.

Favorite part of a wedding day? Gosh, that’s tough. I love shooting details because it gets all my creative juices flowing & I get to incorporate the style of the bride, but I have to say that the vows are my absolute favorite part! Each couple is so unique and getting to hear their commitments to each other is so special. I never leave a ceremony with dry eyes!

What about marriage are you most excited for? Literally everything! My John is my very best friend, and I am so blessed to get to be his wife in 2 months. There is not a thing that I look forward to more than just getting to have a new normal right next to him!

I didn’t include this next question but sweet MC snuck it in! (cue crying emoji), she’s the best y’all

Favorite thing about Interning with CPP? If you don’t know Court, you need to know Court. She has been SUCH an encouraging friend to have, has taught me more than I ever could have asked, and is so very talented. The Lord is so good to have brought me this friendship and continues to bless each and every person she gets in front of her lens. I am team #CPP forever!