Mrs. LePhew | Mansfield Plantation Film Bridal Session

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Dec 19, 2019

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“These are a few of my favorite things”… the song playing in my head while choosing favorites from Kati’s bridal session. But I really can’t even list my favorite things because this entire session was everything. Mansfield Plantation is the best hidden gem in Georgetown, SC – if you’re ever looking for a weekend getaway, here’s your spot! The ivy covered steps, spanish moss (and tree swing attached to said oak with spanish moss), the widespread, breathtaking marsh view behind the house, Kati’s boykin spaniel joining in for photos and her SWEET family that came along to help. I’ll remember this day for so long. Gosh. So excited to share these! (Also, keep an eye out for a picture of the many dragonflies that kept landing on Kati’s dress – we declared it good luck for her & Chad!)