7 Best Decisions of 2019


Dec 28, 2019

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In honor of a new year (and a new decade) beginning, I wanted to share a handful of the best things I decided to do this year as I prepare new goals and reflect on the past 12 months. I want to continually better myself, my business and focus on what matters, and I always love seeing how others are doing the same. Hopefully this will be an encouragement to you, wherever you are in this season!

  • Branding/headshot session with Josie Derrick for some updated images at the beginning of the year! (Josie is the best if you’re looking for someone to capture your brand! Check her out!)

  • Implementing a morning routine: somewhere along the way I fell in love with mornings – which is a lot for someone who loves sleep! Check out this post by Nancy Ray for some tips on how to create one that works for you!

  • Reading the whole Bible: I started by joining a “Proverb a day in May” challenge, then read the gospels this summer, and decided to keep going! Going slow & steady, but excited to finish up the New Testament and start the Old Testament next summer. This was more of a “life goal,” something I wanted to do someday and I decided someday would be now.

  • Creating a reading list for the year: I read several books this year, which was something I really wanted to dive back into, as I loved reading as a kid. I made a lot of progress just by looping it right in with my morning routine/quiet time! (I found it more challenging if I planned to read before bed). On the list were:
  1. Good to Great, James Collins
  2. Start with Why, Simon Sinek
  3. The 5 Love Languages, Gary Chapman
  4. Complete Guide to Money, Dave Ramsey
  5. Building a Story Brand, Don Miller
  6. Captivating, John & Stasi Eldredge
  7. Wild at Heart, John Eldredge
  8. Atomic Habits, James Clear
  9. Love Does, Bob Goff

  • Shooting personal work: something I hadn’t really done before that fills up my creative bucket SO much. I documented my childhood home when my parents listed it, and also shot lots of personal work in the lowcountry in Palmetto Bluff and Savannah!

  • Mentorship with Ally & Bobby: I drove to Raleigh in April and these two spent the evening teaching me all the things – it was my favorite/most valuable education investment this year. Highly recommend doing a one-on-one mentorship with someone who is where you want to be! Ally & Bobby – thank you for being an open book and pouring into me!

  • Getting quiet enough to hear my own voice and figure out how to become more “me” (enneagram 9 here). 2019 was definitely the year of figuring out who I am and creating space to do just that. Forever grateful for this season.

  • Shooting in film and challenging myself creatively made me fall in love with what I do all over again. I can’t wait to continue using film to serve my clients well in 2020!

26 weddings, 92 sessions and a whole lot of pumpkin flat whites later – here we are at the end of another great year. A lot of hard lessons were learned, new passions emerged, a lot of growth happened and tons of memories were made. I couldn’t be more THANKFUL to do this work every day. Thank you to everyone who trusted me to capture your legacy this year! It means much more than you know. See you all in 2020!